1.5 Development Environment

To write software for the SAM4S board a cross-compiler is needed. A cross-compiler runs on one computer platform (the host computer), and creates executables for a different platform. Particularly, we will be using the GNU Toolchain for ARM, which, among other tools, includes a C compiler and an assembler.

Figure 1.6 Development Environment

In the host computer, source code is first compiled into an executable for the ATSAM4SD32C MCU, and then it is transferred to it using a flashing tool. Once the executable is deployed, an on-board chip debugger (Figure 1.4), interfaces with the host to enable debugging of the MCU.

All of the different host-side softwaretools needed for development are integratedin Atmel Studio. Communication betweenthe target platform and host is via USB. Fig-ure 1.6 depicts, in a simplified manner, thedescribed programming environment.